Studio B (Apollo Room): $110/hr

From: $110.00

2 hour minimum

Pay a deposit of 50% 50%


This room dubbed the ‘’Apollo Room’’ is outfitted in a unique spaceship design and yes that includes the stars in the ceiling. The Apollo Room provides Dolby Atmos playback technology to capture the latest high-quality sound now utilized by many digital streaming services. With its dedicated vocal booth, interactive LED lighting allows you to set the mood. Here’s some of the gear you’ll use:

Equipment List

  • Apollo X8 Interface
  • Apollo Twin Quad Interface (Monitor Control)
  • 2 X Adam A77x Monitor Speakers (Matched Pair)
  • Avantone Mix Cubes
  • Sony Atmos System
  • Klipsch Surround Speakers 7.1 Setup
  • Manley Cardioid Reference Mic
  • Warm Audio Wa800g Mic
  • Golden Age -2a Compressor
  • Mac Mini
  • 2 x Beyer Dynamic Dt-770

2 hour minimum booking


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